Adventures Time Tanzania

Zanzibar is one of my favourite places in the world. It has history, culture, gorgeous beaches, tons of activities, and flavoursome food.
Zanzibar Beach
Zanzibar is blessed with beautiful islands, alluring seas, colorful corals, and exotic sea creatures, making it the perfect holiday in the sun.
Stone Town (Mji Mkongwe)
The history of multiple cultures embedded in this ancient African port town leaves a legacy that excites all the senses. Come and get to know culture activities, our food, and our people.
Forodhani Market
The Night Market perhaps best represents Zanzibar’s wonderful amalgamation of cultures and cuisines. The vestiges of Zanzibar’s often tragic history linger in many ways; most noticeably in the unique blend of cultures on the Market’s signature white cardboard plates. Dishes vary widely, from Zanzibari pizza, falafel as big as your face, sugar cane juice, enormous samosas, coconut bread, seafood skewers and crepes dripping with ribbons of chocolate syrup.